Sunday, December 13, 2009

Disney Principles


  1. ohhhhhhh~~ can't wait to go through these!

  2. Mr. K,

    I came across these shorts a while back. They incorporate a lot of the principles you talk about in your blog, and most importantly, they're fun to watch. This is the first one, you can easily find the others.

    What i find interesting is the date. The first one was produced in 1988, which as you well know Bakshi's version of Mighty Mouse was released in late 87. I don't know how much influence that had on these shorts, but I think its evidence that classic animation survived through the 80s in smaller studios.

    Sorry if my knowledge of animation history is a little off, I'm not an animator (math major actually).

  3. Hey John, are you going to post more lessons on Disney principles soon? I want to hear you talk about things like as timing, well as arcs, please!

  4. Never thought I'd see the day......were School was fun.


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