Sunday, January 10, 2010

Drawing Toys For Better Understanding


  1. Good day, if I could convert part of your lessons on Russian language
    Naturally, with reference to the original?

  2. Hey John, I draw cartoons on my own site at would you be able to tell me what you think of them? I couldnt find your email adress so i left a comment here.

  3. Hi John

    Ive started practicing with the Preston Blair book and as wonderful as the book is, I noticed there are a LOT of useful lessons on your blog too.

    Where should I start from ? I only found your blog recently.

    I've started on the Topcat exercise from 07 and will be uploading pictures soon. Do you still critique people's work ?

    Im a noob to blogger and I only created an account to get in touch with you.



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